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Dramaturgy Database


This Dramaturgy Database reflects our ongoing research of dramaturgy at Utrecht University. The database consists of (full text) interviews with Dutch and Flemish dramaturges, essays and reports on dramaturgy seminars and other documents that show how (Dutch) dramaturgy has developed in the past decennia. Next to full-text files and a limited selection of audio/visual documents, the database can be searched for annotations: brief descriptions of books, articles or other documents that facilitate dramaturgical research and that provides an impression of what is on the ‘dramaturgy shelve’ of theatre and dance studies scholars’ book cases. In addition to this, a range of miscellaneous sources have been collected under the name ‘yz miscellaneous,’ which serves as an ode to the former Dutch Theatre Institute (TIN). In the TIN collection, one could find things, prints and documents that did not fit in any other category but that were too special to throw away. Our ‘yz miscellaneous’ category consists of documents that provide a glimpse of the ‘hands-on’ job of a dramaturge — like correspondence about a translation made by Janine Brogt, documents related to a book adaption by Tom Blokdijk, or notes by Marianne van Kerkhoven. Lastly, some documents are assembled in collections (dossiers), when several files are brought together that document a specific creative process  search, for instance, for ‘Dossier Hamlet’, ‘Gen’ or ‘Sporenonderzoek,’ to get an impression.


The Dramaturgy Database’s content is in the hands of a devoted team of editors, who take care of the selection of new materials and contributions, and the annotations of full-text and other publications (the annotations are a work-in-progress). Advanced BA, MA and alumni students are welcome to participate in this editing team, which is supervised by Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink. Current team members are Nina Bos, Robin Puskás, Kim Hoogterp, Ewout Ganzevoort and Arianne Koeleman.

For remarks or suggestions for new contributions, please send an e-mail to database [at] theatrestudies.nl.

This database has been made possible thanks to the help of Margôt van den Berg, Vera Slager, Sandra Tenwolde, Joran de Groot, Dennis Vermeulen, and with the support of Digital Humanities Lab, fUSO and Utrecht University’s ICT & Media department.