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Anxious Dramaturgy

In “Anxious Dramaturgy” Myriam Van Imschoot underscores that the discussion on the dramaturg needs a clearer historicization and contextualization in order to assess the dramaturg not merely as an artistic collaborator but also as a political agent. Rather than celebrating the dramaturg as a figure of “complexity”, Van Imschoot portrays the dramaturg as a figure of “complicity” in a wider systemic range, in line with recent debate that reconsiders the formerly “auratic” figure of the dramaturg. Van Imschoot describes the shift from the function of dramaturgy towards the notion of dramaturgy as part of the artistic process. The anxiety she describes in the title is related to questions surrounding this new dramaturgy, such as where does the dramaturg come from or what is a dramaturg? Van Imschoot argues that it is not so much the dramaturgy that we are in need of, but the dramaturgical context in which an ongoing dialogue about the work can exist. Dramaturgy as an activity pertaining to artistic process. Therefore, she concludes, you do not need a dramaturg to achieve the dramaturgical.

Van Imschoot, Myriam. “Anxious Dramaturgy.” Women and Performance: A Journal of Feminist Theory (2003), Issue 26, Vol. 13, No. 2: 57-68.