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Contemporary Issues in Dramaturgy

‘Contemporary Issues in Dramaturgy’ is a special supplement of the Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism (Fall 1998, Volume XIII, Number 1), edited by Sharon L. Sullivan and contains the following texts:

– Rehearsing Dramaturgy: ‘Time is Passing’ by Geoff Proehl
– The Politics of Dramaturgy by John Lutterbie
– Feminism and Dramaturgy: Musings on Multiple Meanings by Gayle Austin
– Dramaturgy in Community-Based Theatre by Susan Chandler Haedicke Chicanas/Latinas in Performance on the American Stage: Currents Trends & Practices by Elizabeth Ramirez
– Playing with Borders: Dramaturging Ethnicity in Bosnia by Sonja Kuftinec.

All titles can be found here: https://journals.ku.edu/jdtc/issue/view/150

Sullivan, Sharon L., ed. “Contemporary Issues in Dramaturgy.” Spec. Issue of *Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism* 13.1. (1998): 103 – 156. https://journals.ku.edu/jdtc/article/download/1994/1957/