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Dramaturgy in times of corona – Invisible Diaries

As a response to the damage the Covid-19 pandemic has caused the performing arts, on 6 April 2020 the Dramaturgs’ Network (a volunteer arts organisation) launched a new project: the Invisible Diaries series, an online journal written by dramaturgs from all over the world, but mainly British and American. When a large part of te world went into lockdown and normal life came to a halt, Dramaturg’s Network felt it would be important to document these times. In this project a platform is given to hear the voices of dramaturgy and their experiences, thoughts and feelings. For twelve weeks, every week a different dramaturg wrote a journal for seven days, which is then published daily on the Dramaturgs’ Network’s website’s Blog. This with the goal to give a wider public the chance to discover the people behind the role, and perhaps learn more about dramaturgy, whilst finding out how dramaturgs are coping during the global pandemic. Includes entries from Katalin Trencsényi, LIM How Ngean, Sarah Sigal and Guy Cools, among others.

Dramaturgs’ Network, “Invisible Diaries: A Note from the Curator & Table of Contents.” [2020] Dramaturgs’ Network https://www.dramaturgy.co.uk/single-post/2020/06/29/invisible-diaries-table-of-contents.