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Dramaturgy of Migration: Staging Multilingual Encounters in Contemporary Theatre

In an age of mass migration and postmodern aesthetic sensibilities, the borders between different performing arts (dance, theatre, and performance) and fine arts blur even further, whereas theatre and new media interweave in hybrid performances. These changes force methodological questions of performance making as well as the artists’ and the audiences’ focus on the construction, performance, and fundamentals of making and encountering self in and through the media of performance. this collection aims to encourage a dialogue on the function of dramaturgy and the role of the dramaturg in constructing performatie encounters within the conditions of onstage and offstage multilingualism caused by the realities of global movements.

Meerzon, Yana, and Katharina Pewny, eds. *Dramaturgy of Migration: Staging Multilingual Encounters in Contemporary Theatre* London and New York: Routledge, 2020.