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Feminism and Dramaturgy: Musings on Multiple Meanings

With this article, Gayle Austin aims to make the word ‘feminism’ present within a table of contents where this word otherwise might not have been present. In order to start a dialogue, Geoff Proehls aspects of dramaturgy, atribute, role and function, are renamed and rearranged by Austin the profession, the process and the products. Next to this Austin asks questions that come to mind and, in reply, quotes from a few of the essays in *Dramaturgy in American Theater*.

Austin, Gayle. ‘Feminism and Dramaturgy: Musings on Multiple Meanings.’ *Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism* 13.1 (Fall 1998): 121 -124. https://journals.ku.edu/jdtc/article/download/2002/1965/