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Heiner Müller and Other East German Dramaturgs

Heiner Müller, one of East Germany’s most important playwrights, is also a dramaturg at the Berliner Ensemble. Though the work performed by German dramaturgs varies, most of them are critics-in-residence who advise theatre directors on play selection and textual interpretation. Müller’s reputation as the author of fifteen plays, including one (*Cement*) now in the Berliner Ensemble repertory, far exceeds his renown as dramaturg; but it was to discuss his lesser known career that I visited the 47-year old writer last July. Müller had toured the United States earlier in the year, and his English was quite passable, unlike my German. I found him reading Thomas Pynchon when I arrived at his small, sparsely furnished apartment in East Berlin. For an hour we drank Irish coffee and talked about East German dramaturgs.

Schechter, Joel. “Heiner Müller and Other East German Dramaturgs.” *Theater* 8, no. 2/3 (1977): 152-154.