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On Directing and Dramaturgy: Burning the House

On Directing is Eugenio Barba’s unprecedented account of his own life and work. This is a major retrospective of Barba’s working methods, his practical techniques, and the life experiences which fed directly into his theatre-making. In On Directing, far from so-called literary management, dramaturgy is here apprehended as a complex way of seeing and doing theatre that is not simply embedded in the authorial and executive capacity of directing or reduced to the reflective procedures of criticism. Barba’s argument invites us to look upon directing and criticism as an offspring of dramaturgy. Dramaturgy saturates the whole despotic of theatre, its textual fabric, performative flow, institutional organization, and organic material. Not surprisingly then, this book claims to “report” the author’s “principles as a director” reaches out for dramaturgy to bridge the deficiencies of directing in coping with the complexity of theatrical performance.

Barba, Eugenio. On Directing and Dramaturgy: Burning the House. London; New York: Routledge, 2010.