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The Process of Dramaturgy: A Handbook

*The Process of Dramaturgy: A Handbook* is a guide to dramaturgy for students. Its practical apporach is to “committing acts of dramaturgy,” and contains exercises, models, and examples of how the dramaturg works to make his or her throughtful and creative contributions to a theatrical production, from pre-production work through the rehearsal process.

The book provides specific exercises, examples, and models to assit the student or emerging dramaturg in developing the ability to: 1) apply critical methodologies (among them literacy theory) to production; 2) better communicate with directors, designers and playwrights within the context of rehearsal and production. It includes a case study for analysis, Neil Simon’s Biloxi Blues.

Irelan, Scott R., Anne Fletcher, and Julie Felise Dubiner. The Process of Dramaturgy: A Handbook. Newburyport, MA: Focus Publishing/R. Pullins Company, 2010.