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Pandemic Dramaturgies & Project Management: Visual Notes of an Online Symposium

As part of the European project *Micro and Macro Dramaturgies* in Dance (MMDD), Dansbrabant organized a small-scale online symposium for their partner organizations in the field of contemporary dance (Anghiari Dance Hub and Marche Teatro (IT), Bora Bora (DK), Dance House Lemesos (CY), DansBrabant (NL) and Tanec Praha (CZ)) and the dramaturges of the scientific team of MMDD (Guy Cools, Anne-Marije van den Bersselaar, Maja Hriešik and Katalin Trencsényi). This symposium was called the *Pandemic Dramaturgies* and mainly discussed strategies of working, creating, and sharing during the pandemic. In order to supplement the loss of sensory experience during online communication, Dansbrabant decided to involve visual artist, illustrator and cartoonist Jeroen de Leijder. During the sessions and conversations about micro and macro dramaturgy, De Leijder made ten drawings. For Dansbrabant, these drawings instantly show the heart of the matter and the dilemma’s present within contemporary dance practices in relation to the pandemic.

De Leijder, Jeroen. “Pandemic Dramaturgies & Project Management: Visual Notes of an Online Symposium.” Edited by Heleen Volman. Dansbrabant, 2020. http://dansbrabant.nl/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/MMDD_PANDEMIC-DRAMATURGIES-SYMPOSIUM-2020_VISUAL-NOTES.pdf