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Correspondence copyrights The Fever and The Designated Mourner

Correspondence by Berthe Spoelstra – dramaturg of De Theatercompagnie – about the copyrights of the plays The Fever and The Designated Mourner of Wallace Shawn.


Berthe Spoelstra

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From:                      “Ruth Arnaud” <ruth@casarotto.uk.com>

To:                          “‘Berthe Spoelstra”‘ <berthe@theatercompagnie.nl>

Subject:                  RE: The Designated Mourner & The Fever -Shawn

Date sent:               Tue, 6 May 2003 13:00:52 +O100

Organization:         Casarotto Ramsay & Associates Limited


Dear Berthe,


Thanks for the payment of £143 we have received for the advance for your Feb/March performances of THE FEVER. Is there any balance of royalties due? Please send US figures to show the situation.


For the September performances of THE DESIGNATED MOURNER and for a licence for THE FEVER fiom Sept 03 to June 04 we suggest an advance of £150 against 6% for each play. If that’s acceptable, please send US both £150 advances and on receipt we wil1 send you the licences.


Best wishes,


Ruth Arnaud

Casarotto Ramsay & Associates Ltd

60-66 Wardour Street

London W 1V 4ND, UK

tel +44 207 287 4450



—–Original Message—–

From: Berthe Spoelstra [mailto:berthe((u,theatercomp-nie.nl]

Sent: 23 April 2003 11:O5

To: ruth@casarotto.uk.com

Subject: The Designated Mourner & The Fever -Shawn


Dear Mrs Ruth Arnaud,


From the 15th to 22nd of September 2003 we would like to play The FEVER and The DESIGNATED MOURNER of Wallace SHAWN in a little festival (during one week) in the foyer and dressing rooms of the Stadsschouwburg of Amsterdam (City Hall). Of each text there wil1 be about 5- 7 performances for a maximum of 50 seats.


Besides this little festival we might play the FEVER during the season 2003-2004 some times. Will a licence from September 2003 until June 2004 be possible?


We do hope the rights of both plays are available. Will an agreement under the Same terms as before be acceptable to you? That is: an advance of 150 pounds sterling against a 6% royalty.


If this is acceptable please send us an agreement (with an invoice) as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation and with best regards,


Berthe Spoelstra


Berthe Spoelstra

De Theatercompagnie


1012CX Amsterdam

tel 020-52053 10

f a 020-5205328

http ://www.theatercompagnie.nl